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Since 2008 year, we set up our company Xiamen Doing Stone Industrial Co.,Ltd. We assist our clients to buy the stone products such as natural granite, marble, artificial quartz stone, artificial marble, nano crystallized glass, compound crystal stone and so on. We learn and gain a lot lore of stone during the experience. We believe its fate that we can know our clients and value the fate with all our heart. We always treat our clients as friends by our honesty and loyalty. And as a friend, I think we are very helpful on stone field not only for price but also very strict on quality control. What we proud is till now we never get a quality complain from our clients. We have the confidence to keep our “0” complain record. We have the good willing to grow up together with our clients. Stone world is rich and wild and beautiful. Let’s explore the stone world together.
New Products
Granite Product
Most granite that we dealing with are original from India, Brazil and China and so on. Granite is good on Mohs hardness and compressi...
Marble Product
Natural marble have many different colors. Its vein looks more beautiful than granite. If decorate by marble will make the decoration...
Quartz Product
Quartz stone have more colors option , and its quality relatively more stable than natural granites. Quartz stone is environmental friendly, high...
Artificial Marble
Artificial marble is good material for flooring, wall and for window sill as well. It has many different good looking colors. Its...
Nano Crystallized Glass
Nano Glass is an excellent material that with no radioactive elements, environmentally friendly, high...

Granite Product Marble Product Quartz Product Artificial Marble Nano Crystallized Glass
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